About Us

We deliver creative, value-added and timely financial proposals and services to a wide range of customers. Mizuho Marubeni Leasing aims to be the best partner for all our customers to together create the future, through providing leasing & financing and consulting services as a total financial services company.

Mizuho Marubeni Leasing Corporation is a joint venture between Mizuho Leasing Company Limited and Marubeni Corporation.


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  • Mizuho Leasing
  • Marubeni

Our strengths

• Robust international network as a Sogo-Shosha
• Achievements in a broad range of business fields

• Width of knowledge of goods and Depth of understanding of trades
• Experience across a range of fields and Deep Understanding of sales channels

Our strength is the ability to offer value-added, unique services by leveraging these properties.

Marubeni Mizuho
Leasing Partnership
Mizuho Marubeni Leasing Corporation