Privacy Policy

Mizuho Marubeni Leasing Corporation (hereinafter, "the Company"), in accordance with the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" and "Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures" (hereinafter, collectively referred to as "the Laws"), will declare our policies for the appropriate protection and use of personal information and hereby announce these below.

1. Declaration of our policies

The Company will endeavor to comply with the matters set forth in this Policy in addition to any relevant laws and regulations, in order to ensure the appropriate protection and use of your personal information. Alongside this, the Company will work to continually improve our systems and initiatives related to personal information protection, to ensure we are able to respond appropriately to the progression of computerization.

2. Purpose of use for personal information

The Company will specify the purpose of using your personal information, and only use your personal information to the extent necessary for that intended use, unless required otherwise by the Laws. The purpose of use for your personal information is listed on the Company's website, and can also be learned by contacting your local sales office.

The Company will not use specific personal information for any purpose other than those specified, in cases in which such use is restricted by law.

The Company will immediately discontinue the use of personal information for direct marketing, such as direct mail or telemarketing, at the customer's request.

*See below for information about our handling of your personal information.

3. Appropriate acquisition of personal information

The Company will obtain your personal information in an appropriate and lawful manner, and only to the extent required for the purpose of use, as specified in 2. above.

4. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

The Company will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your prior consent, unless required to by the Laws. However, specific personal information that includes personal numbers will not be provided to third parties regardless of your prior consent, unless required by law.

5. Combined use of personal information

The Company may combine and use the personal information we collect as follows:

(1) Using personal data items in conjunction
Name, mobile phone number, email address, company name, job title, qualifications, company phone number, and other information on business cards

(2) Scope of combined use
The Company and Marubeni Corporation

(3) Purpose of use of the user
① The purposes of use set forth in section 2., in relation to the business of the co-user
② The Purposes of Use listed below, assuming the following Business of Marubeni Corporation is to be carried out

Businesses of Marubeni Corporation

  • Import and export of food and beverages, building materials, minerals, metal materials, machinery and other products, manufacturing, sales, processing, and repair work
  • Agriculture, forestry, fishing, aquaculture, and mining
  • Electricity, water, telecommunications, broadcasting, and information services
  • Land, air and water transportation, warehousing, transportation-related services
  • Financial, securities, and insurance businesses
  • Real estate trading, real estate rental and management, and general construction
  • Waste disposal, goods rental, advertising, medical, nursing care, professional services, and other business services
  • Other businesses set forth as business purposes in the articles of incorporation of Marubeni Corporation

Purposes of Use

  • 1. To enter into and execute contracts for the provision of goods and services, to manage contracts, and to carry out after-sales services for provided products and services
  • 2. For essential communication and shipment of goods, etc., required to provide goods and services
  • 3. To provide information on products and services and information on other business activities of Marubeni Corporation
  • 4. To receive payment on bills related to goods and services, and for credit protection
  • 5. For market research and other surveys/research
  • 6. To carry out competitions, promotions, etc.
  • 7. To provide guidance on seminars, lectures, etc.
  • 8. To enter into and fulfill contracts with partners, for management after contracts are signed, and to communicate with suppliers as necessary
  • 9. For analyzing trading partners
  • 10. To implement various measures and provide benefits that facilitate and maintain a smooth relationship with a trading partner
  • 11. For information on meetings, etc., organized by Marubeni Corporation or its affiliated organizations, or for other necessary communication
  • 12. For activities related to CSR (corporate social responsibility)
  • 13. To respond to inquiries and comments about Marubeni Corporation
  • 14. To provide corporate information and to communicate necessary information to applicants to and prospective employees of Marubeni Corporation
  • 15. To manage the maintenance and usage of sites, facilities, and equipment

(4) Company responsible for the management of combined personal data Mizuho Marubeni Leasing Corporation

6. Safety management measures

The Company will take appropriate safety management measures to prevent any loss, alteration, or leaks of your personal information. In addition, all employees who deal with your personal information will undergo training on the importance of protecting personal information, and if the Company outsource any of your personal information, we will appropriately supervise the contractors.

7. Disclosure request procedure

The Company will respond appropriately and promptly to any disclosure requests, etc., as prescribed in the Laws. Further information on these procedures can be found on our homepage, or by contacting your nearest sales office.

8. Contact us

The Company will respond appropriately and promptly to your opinions and requests regarding the handling of personal information. If you have any comments, requests or questions about the handling of personal information or safety management measures, please contact the sales department. In addition, any complaints concerning the handling of personal information should be directed to the contact desk below.

Telephone number: General Affairs & HR Department +81 3 3222 9345 / Opening hours: Weekdays: 9:15 am to 4:00 pm